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Why The Name?

If you have ever started your own business you will know that thinking of a name Is the most difficult decision. Once you have registered it etc you are stuck with it. Like naming a child.

I always used the word Lotus as I love Lotus flowers but it also contains Lou and St which is mine and my hubbys name (Steve) smashed together. When I was at college training I designed a logo for my dream florist, 'Lotus Flowers'. I have an Avon business I named 'Lotus Cosmetics '. But Lotus Flowers didn't seem to fit with my homegrown flower patch. It sounded and looked too formal.

I thought of many names, Lou's Blooms, Lou's Flower Patch, Kelsale Flower Farmer, Sow, Grow, Gather, and Sown, Cut, Gathered.

It was the last 2 names that I tweaked and 'Grown & Gathered' was born.

It says just how I want my business to be known. I grow the flowers, then I gather them. I don't fuss them. They look just like you've picked them and wrapped them In paper.

My tagline is Simply, Beautiful Flowers, as that is exactly what they are!

That name will work with my business and brand and any other side shoots of it. I'm incredibly proud of it.

If you're in the process of naming a business, my advice is take your time, write all your ideas down, narrow it down to 1 or 2, think about them for a couple of days and go for what feels great for you, your brand and your business.

Good luck!

Until next time remember, Joy Blooms In The Garden


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