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Relationships the hygge* way

In hygge, relationships are all about about togetherness, communication and connection. There is no room for drama!

Of course, with the stresses of daily life, the true connection in romantic relationships can disappear. This is normal for everyone and actively working to reinstate a sense of togetherness is the hygge way.

Romantic moments can recreate connection and they don't have to involve a lot of expense.

Something simple like a movie night at home, snuggled with a blanket and a bowl of popcorn to share, can really rekindle that loving feeling.

Other ideas for romantic moments are a special candlelit dinner at home, a walk hand in hand in nature or just sharing a cuppa together, with no distractions. All these cost very little and can really bring that feeling of togetherness.

All relationships have tough issues to face and it is important to address them, but remember to fight fair. Dont drag up past problems or name call.

According to studies, people with strong loving relationships live longer, have stronger immune systems and suffer with less depression.

Just remember the hygge way is to genuinely engage with the person, with no distractions and with balance, harmony and presence.

Also remember, February the 14th isn't just for couples. If there is no one special in your life, remember that YOU are the special person. Treat yourself to flowers or a new perfume, indulge in a long hot bubble bath with candles, or simply get comfy with a hot drink, a cuppa and a good book, and give yourself the care and attention that YOU deserve.

I'm combining my two passions, flowers and hygge, to create something really special. To find out more and stay updated remember, to follow me on -

* Hygge (hoo-gah) is a Danish word with no exact translation into English. It is a state of being in the present moment, recognising simplicity in your surroundings and creating quality not quantity.

Louise x

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