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I work from my garden in Suffolk, and sow, grow and gather beautiful British flowers, without the use of harmful chemicals or leaving a huge carbon footprint.

My flowers are natural, scented and just how nature intended them to be. I wrap them simply in brown recyclable paper tied with raffia or arrange in vases and jam jars. I will not use floral foam, cellophane or imported flowers.

Should i need a 'top-up' of seasonal flowers, I use a supplier in the South West of the UK, who sells British grown flowers, from UK suppliers.

Because I grow seasonally, flowers are available to buy between April and October (give or take a few weeks, dependent on conditions)

 FREE delivery within 5 miles of the postcode IP17.


Please contact me using the link below should you require information regarding flower availability or to place an order.

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Daisy Flowers

Flower Of The Month


 Daises have been around for a very long time. Since at least 2,200 B.C. Used by ancient Egyptians as herbal remedies.

The most common meanings are -

Innocence and purity

New beginnings

True love

A valuable food source for honeybees and bumblebees. They grow all year round, all over the world except Antarctica.


Did you know...

...Anthrophobia is the fear of flowers?   

"There's nothing NICER than handing a bunch of SIMPLY WRAPPED flowers to a delighted customer or placing a vase in your lounge FULL of beautiful flowers - that feeling of bringing the OUTDOORS INSIDE"


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